Galley View Background Area Improvement Request

Hello Dorico team,
I know that this request isn’t the most important, but would be nice if you are able to do something on it.
Currently when the bottom scroll bar, in Galley View, is positioned to the Left and Right ends, the blue background
area on both sides is too large as shown on the first screenshot:

This also happens when we press (Numpad .) to return the cursor to the beginning and then start the playback.
It’s very annoying when you are working on large project and spending a lot of time in Galley View.
Personally I prefer to have more of the score sheet instead of the background. So I think that the maximum background area from both
sides should be as shown on the following screenshot:

I hope you would take it in mind! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

As if the Dorico programmers have nothing better to do…

I don’t think the request is unwarranted, and I don’t think we should shut down any users’ ideas immediately. Please let’s try to keep the forum polite and respectful?

I think it’s a good idea to use all the screen space possible, so +1 for me.

Hello colleagues,
In Galley view we don’t need this unusable large amount of plain background space. I doubt someone needs it?!
Derrek, I know this is minor and there are many other major things that need improvement, but still this area could be optimized for better workflow.
A thin background lines between the score sheet and left and right panels is more than enough.

Best regards,

There are arguments for allowing a larger margin, e.g. to make sure that the user has the freedom to position the music anywhere in the viewport, but in principle I agree, and we’ll have a look at changing this in a future version.

Hello Daniel,
Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:
Well, I don’t think that someone is going to use margins, or to do any sort of Engraving in Galley View?!
And it’s not possible to freely insert anything directly on the background. :slight_smile: So, we don’t need so much background
space between the “score sheet” and both Right and Left tool panels in Galley View, which is more likely to serve as a Timeline of the DAW apps.
The Page View is fine and it’s normal to have more background area.
I will wait for this improvement! :slight_smile: Thank you very much!

Best regards,

On a related note: could there be an option to disable vertical scrolling in Galley view much sooner? That is: as soon as a pixel of the blue background shows up on both sides, instead of when it takes up half of the viewport.

Hadn’t noticed that, but yes that would be an improvement.

Also, in D3 the Windows taskbar slightly obscures the main program window by a few pixels (D2 didn’t do this). Only a very minor thing of course; bigger fish to fry!