Galley View Conflicts

Hello people! I need help solving this problem, in Galley View mode the letters are clashing with the other guidelines, this happens with other arrangements and in Engrave Mode I did not see how to solve this.

There’s no way to avoid it. That’s the expected behavior of Galley View (currently). As it stands now, Galley View spaces staves evenly, regardless of their content or the resultant collisions. Sorry!

Well, you can change the space between staves in Layout options > Vertical spacing. There’s a line with a percentage to spread the staves in galley view, I always use between 170 and 200% if I have to deal with lyrics (most of my time actually)

I didn’t know there was a setting for this. Thanks Marc!

Glad I still can help!

Thank you, MarcLarcher! It worked. Thank you, dankreider!