Galley view not available on second monitor ???

On Monitor #1, I have a full score opened. I created a second window placed on my second monitor. In this window I opened 3 custom scores (WW, brass & strings). On that second monitor, the option for galley view is greyed out. However if I open the same custom scores on the main monitor, galley view is available as usual. (It is not just scores. No layouts can use galley view on that second window.)

Why can’t I use galley view on my second window? Is this a bug or is it intentional?

Are you sure you’re in Write mode? (I’m happily working in Galley View on a second monitor right now)

Hmmm. Maybe you are right. I am away from the computer at the moment. I thought I was in WRITE mode. I’m not doing any engraving stuff at the moment. But maybe somehow I got into the wrong mode. I’ll check it out.


OK. This is getting strange. I left Dorico running on my computer when I left for a meeting. When I left it, the View menu was greyed out for both Page View and Galley View on my second monitor.

When I returned home, it was just as I had left it. Both monitors were in WRITE mode. The score showing on the main window was in Galley mode, and the score in the other monitor was still in Page view – as I had left both of them. But now the view menu has Page and Galley modes available on both monitors. And I can switch into Galley mode. I never stopped and restarted Dorico.

I wonder if this is a performance issue, as I do have a condensing score in a tab on my main monitor, although it is not the score being displayed. I wonder if somehow the Galley option gets disabled while certain background tasks have to complete.

At this point, it is behaving as I expected. I’ll keep an eye out to see if this situation returns.

The View menu options will only be disabled if Dorico thinks no project is open, or if you’re in Engrave mode. If you’re concerned about this, you could do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and then upload the resulting zip file. I can then take a look and I may be able to tell whether you did indeed leave Dorico in Write mode or in Engrave mode.

Thanks. If I see it happen again (assuming it isn’t my imagination or error), I will do that.