Galley View Scrolling Video: hide scrolling clef & key signature

I’m trying to add scrolling guitar music to a video lesson and ran into a problem: while capturing a video of the scrolling playhead in galley view, the clef and key signature become slightly transparent once the first measure is no longer in view - which makes total sense as a way to keep track of the key signature and clef, however, it’s causing a problem for me where the key signature is covering up the first note of the measure each time that the music shifts.

Is there an option to hide that key signature/clef from the left side in galley view? It can stay at the beginning of the section but I’ll need the first note of each passage to be visible once the scrolling starts.

Below is the project I’m working with. You can replicate the issue by going to galley view and picking somewhere in the middle and play it back. When it bounces back from a repeat sign you’ll see what I’m talking about on the left side. The key signature is covering the first note and part of the second note.

Exercises Scratch Pad copy.dorico (664.0 KB)

I’m afraid there’s no option for that, Trent, sorry. I wonder whether you might get better results with creating a layout where the page size and margins are such that you get a single system on each page, and then choosing a zoom level like Fit page width. You should then find that you get a consistent position for each system in the display, which should hopefully make capturing the video a bit easier.

That sounds good, I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Wow, I just want to say thank you because your idea worked much better for what I’m doing. My videos look a lot better now. Great suggestion!

Really happy to hear that this helped you, Trent.