Galley View: Static playhead, music scrolls

Dorico Pro 5.1
Macbook Pro Sonoma 14.1.2

How did this happen? I haven’t been able to reproduce it, and it’s exactly what I want!



This isn’t something that Dorico supports at the moment. I’m not sure how you can get the program into the state where this happens, but it’s not something that we intend to work this way as things stand.

Thanks Daniel. If I can reproduce what I did then I’ll let you know.

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@dspreadbury Daniel, I think I’ve figured out how to reproduce this behaviour where the playhead remains static whilst the music scrolls (but not terribly smoothly) underneath.

It’s erratic, but I’ve found that by turning the Active Instrument Filter on/off, and also going from full screen to some smaller size will kick off the effect. Once its “flipped” to this mode the screen can then be maximised and the music continues to scroll.

This is on my Mac, haven’t tried it on my Windows PC yet.

Is this something that your devs could spare a moment thinking about? (I know that their time is extremely valuable)

I don’t think we’ll spend any time working on this right now, Rob, no. We know that some users would like the score to scroll during playback in galley view, and we may work on that in future, but we’re not likely to worry too much about this hard to reproduce and unreliable behaviour. If we want to implement this feature, we’ll do so properly.

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Thanks Daniel. I’m wondering if is something to do with a Mac displays graphics? Right now the scrolling behaviour is consistently toggling on/off with the Active Instrument Filter.

Overall though, the scrolling is quite jerky, so it’s not as useful as I thought it would be, except for the look ahead is always showing plenty of the score to come (unlike the default behaviour where the playhead jumps). When the end of the score hoves into view, it reverts to the default.

Very perplexing.

No, it’ll just be something to do with the calculation that Dorico makes on every update of the playhead for whether or not it thinks the view needs to be moved to bring the playhead into view.

Just tried it on my Win PC and it works too! Owing to file size limits in the forum, I’ve posted a short video demo on YouTube.
Dorico 5.1 Galley View Scroll

( A quiet Hurray for consistent compilation across multiple platforms! )

@dspreadbury I’ve now discovered that turning ON/OFF the Active Instruments Filter works on the iPad too. Here’s the link to a short demo (made from screen recording the iPad) on YouTube

Dorico iPad 5.1.2057 Galley View Scrolling

I never tried any of this prior to 5.1 (Mac and Win desktop and iPad versions) but I’m fairly certain I would have stumbled across it. So, looks like this could be a new, hidden, feature of 5.1! Even if it wasn’t intentional, it’s great to have, so 10/10 to the devs!

On my Win PC and iPad its pretty good (as you can see from the 2 YouTube videos), and would probably be OK on my MacBook, but it’s an ancient old model with not much horsepower, so struggled compared to my PC.

It’s definitely not an intentional feature, and I would advise against becoming too dependent on it, because it could stop working at any point.