Game Audio Connect & Perforce working unreliably

I’ve been using Nuendo with Perforce for over a year now and the Perforce integration is still a bit of a mystery to me. Maybe someone else had a similar problem and can help me out?

This is what’s happening:

  • Game Audio Connect is set up, activated and Perforce is shown as “active”
  • The project is saved in a folder inside the Perforce depot
  • “Save in Perforce” is used to submit the project to the Perforce depot

Now, when I open the project again, it sometimes asks me if the project should be opened in a Perforce checklist… and sometimes it doesn’t. In the latter case, I can’t save it (because it’s set to read-only) and have to check it out via P4V manually.
The weird thing is: If that happens, it seems to happen to all Nuendo projects managed by Perforce. None of them are recognized as Perforce-projects in Nuendo. And then, suddenly (same day, same machine), it works again and projects that I have opened before (but not modified or saved) are managed by Game Audio Connect / Perforce.

Stuff I tried

  • Restart Nuendo
  • Deactivate Game Audio Connect
  • Change Perforce Settings in Game Audio Connect back and forth
  • Run Nuendo with P4V active
  • Run Nuendo without P4V
  • Connect to a different Perforce workspace in P4V