Ganglia - the band

Perhaps best known for their delightful little ditty, “Unauthorized Amputation”, from the album “I Seek the End”. What they may lack in harmonic complexity is more than compensated for in their creative use of unmitigated atonality and superfluous repetition.

Also, interestingly, “a connection of nerve cells, as often found in … brains”. :open_mouth:

Awesome synth & grind core!

Total cool.

Interestingly, the band “Ganglia” have been friended by the band “Gigantic Brain”:


(And IMHO, excessive musicality in the latter band’s tracks seems to diminish the overall effect, at least as compared to "Ganglia"s presentation).

What was that song “Break the pressure” it went or something, I think that’s where it all started at least in a commercial sense.

Do they perform live?