Gap between piano brace and left margin

In a new project (XML import) of a set of piano pieces, the piano brace is placed to the right of the left margin by several spaces. I’ve never seen this before, as in all my other projects with braces, Dorico places the brace outside of the left margin. I must be missing a setting somewhere but I have no idea where to look.

In section “brackets and braces” of the engraving options dialog there’s a setting to change the distance between braces and left (systemic) barlines. Maybe you can fix the issue by adjusting it back to the default value 9/20.

That just changes the distance between the systemic barlines and the brace, not the distance between the brace and the left page margin.

Ok, so the entire systems are also displaced to the right? I don’t quite understand the problem yet. Could you post a small example file?

I can’t post the file without having to remove a lot of stuff. Perhaps a screen shot will help.


I guess there’s an empty player/staff label shown before the brace. If you turn off player/staff labels (sorry, I don’t know the English term for it) in section “staves and systems” of the layout options, the additional space should disappear.

Of course, that was it. Strangely, there were neither names nor even spaces visible in the staff labels in setup/Edit names and, as I said, I’d never experienced this before, even from XML imports.