Gaps in the implementation of MIDI Remote


some interesting bypass functions are prepared under MIDI Remote, but not yet implemented.

For a track:

  1. Bypass all inserts at once
  2. Bypass all sends at once
  3. Bypass all EQ bands at once

My question is whether the implementation of these functions is planned

a) definitely for Cubase 13,
b) perhaps for Cubase 13 or
c) only for Cubase 14 onwards.

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Note to the programmers here:
I know that there are a few workarounds for this in circulation, but that is not the subject of my question.

Hello, aren’t these PLE factory presets working as expected?


These are for toggling however we can always alter the behavior to Enable/Disable.

But probably you’re talking about them be implemented as hostValues, which surely is cool.

I mean the three Command Bindings, that I see in the MIDI Remote API.
The right mouse click code snippets are:
‘Mixer’, ‘Bypass: EQs’
‘Mixer’, ‘Bypass: Inserts’
‘Mixer’, ‘Bypass: Sends’
They are ‘prepared’, but not implemented, and I want to know, when this will be the case.

But… they are implemented. The commands you’re referring to are for bypassing the corresponding elements for all the visible tracks in the mixer console and work as expected here.

I previously answered based on this quote.

But this does not work here, when I look in the channel editor.
I only see the change in the mixer.
So could it be, that it works, but the channel editor is not showing it? :sunglasses:

xButtons.var_Bypass_Inserts = 
xPage.makeCommandBinding(xButtons.var_Bypass_Inserts, 'Mixer', 'Bypass: Inserts')
xButtons.var_Bypass_Inserts.setProcessValue(context, 1)

It doesn’t. You can only see the changes in the mix console. I consider this a miss but I may be missing a point, who knows…
As a side note, if for example we don’t have any insert effects at all, the command for bypassing them seems to not function. This is not actually true, it will work, if we have at least one effect. Same goes for the channel strips and the send effects. Just noting this because it can occasionally add to the confusion.

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Ah, I see.
So thank you very much for your quick reply, m.c. :innocent:

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