Garage Band won't pick up my UR22mk2 as an input device

I installed the latest drivers today for my UR22mk2 today so it would work with Garage Band. Now Garage Band won’t recognise the audio interface as an input device. All I can see in Input devices are "system input’ and ‘built in microphone’, no Steinberg. It used to recognise Steinberg but not now.
Very frustrating. I’m really new to using audio interfaces and Garage Band so a little wisdom would be very welcome. Thank you in advance

What OS are you running?

Youll want to check here and make sure anything UR22 is enabled where you see it in those tabs

Select System Preferences… from the Apple menu.
Open the Security & Privacy panel.
Select the Privacy tab.

Had the same problem with UR22C. Uninstalling Steinberg software fixed it.

I found the solution if you haven’t already…it was a frustrating problem, but one that had an easy fix.