GarageBand export to cubasis

Anybody suggest a good way to export wav files from GarageBand to cubasis as cubasis doesn’t seem to be an ‘open in’ option for gb

Only way I know of to get separate tracks out of GB is to open the project in GB or Logic on a Mac.
Or, solo each track and do an export.
I like GB on the ipad because of the ease of getting ideas down with the smart instruments, but lack of ability to export means I hardly ever use it.

Open “my songs” in GarageBand. In top right click “select”. Choose the file you want and hit the share button in the top left corner. Choose “import to Cubasis” or put it in Dropbox and then export to Cubasis from there.

Thanks for the advice but cubasis doesn’t appear as an option for me !!
However managed to sort using Audioshare