Garageband MacBook Air

Hi, I am not able to get my brand new UR22 connected to Garageband on my equally new Macbook Air. I am totally new to Mac, so I have no clue on any ‘normal matters’ when installing…etc.

I have installed something called Yamaha Stenberg USB…something and there is an icon of a Yamaha Steinberg …USB. I connect the UR22 via usb, and a led blinks white (USB). I seem to be unable to get something to appear on the input selection in Garageband.

Where should I look?

Not to be snarky, but try the instruction manual. It could also be that your machine hasn’t installed the driver or a similar issue; in which case, attempting to start over and reinstall everything, while making sure all software is up to date on your machine first and foremost is almost always the best course of action when attempting to set up.

Yo, seems I got hold of the ‘not most recent version’, of the driver. Four hours of swearing and sweating, but now its rolling.