Garittan Personal Orchestra plug-in (GPO4)

I use the Garittan Personal Orchestra for many orchestrations in cubase and I’m trying to understand the following:
When I add an instrument track, the pop up (without the brows button turned on) comes up and I can click on instrument and select the Aria Player (that uses GPO4)…I can also select it via the instrument rack…no problem, but when I select the brows button and look at the instrument column, I don’t see the Aria Player. I’m just trying to understand why this is so.

The browser seems to pick up Steinberg VSTs. That may be:
[1] by design
[2] or perhaps other VSTs don’t have the correct tagging information
[3] they do have the correct information, but not in the correct format.

There may be utilities out there that do the job, but I don’t know of any myself.

After you hit the Browse button you are looking at MediaBay. The plugin will appear once you have saved a preset for it from the the plugin interface.
VSTi Preset2.gif

Thanks very much.