Garrirán CFX lite + Yamaha P85 grand piano 1

I use aYamaha P85 - usually on Grand Piano 1. I think the piano 1 sample is a Yamaha C7… if I’m wrong can someone correct me cause it’s beautiful & I’d love to play that exact acoustic in real life!!!

Anyway… a few months back I got the lite version of Garritan’s Yamaha CFX Abbey Road piano. Well… I tried turning up volume of piano 1 on Yamaha P85 to mix it with sound of the CFX, because… hey… fuller sound! Because I’m running out of my MacBook speakers for the Garritan & thought a fuller sound would be cool. Well…. The pianos are out of tune. Is there a way to fix this?? Cause double the pianos sound awesome to me!!! I hope someone can help!! Thanks!


Are the Pianos shifted by the same amount at all keys? Is it like in of them is tuned to 440 and the other one at 442? Or is every key totally different? Or is it like all C are higher, all D are lower…, Is there any pattern?

The best I can tell, press middle c with both pianos blended, and it sounds like they’re barely out of tune, rather like a slightly out of tune saloon piano… but again, the out of tune-ness between the pianos is enough to tell. And… I have no clue how to tune either of those to 440 and see if that helps.


If you tune the middle C, it doesn’t mean all of the other notes are in tune after. That was the reason, why did I ask. To be able to provide you a way, how to fix it. There will be different way for any of the use case.

Sorry, I don’t know the plug-ins. The manual of the plug-ins might be helpful. Or a forum of the plug-ins.

Just because I’m curious, could you please attach a MP3? C3 of one piano, C3 of the other piano, both piano playing together C3.

I’ll do that when I get off work. Thanks for trying to help!

Here you go!! I hope this helps, hearing them & getting the gist of my problem.


The 2nd piano is a bit higher.

OK, you can use the Pitch Bend to tune it close together on the track, which is out of tune. But this would work only in the case, all notes are detune by the same amount (as I tried to explain above already).

To be honest, the 2nd piano sounds very cheep and I wouldn’t mix them.

It’s actually quite simple. You have 2 options:

Tune the P85 to the CFX:

Or tune the CFX to the P85: