Garritan Instant Orchestra

Hi, I use Cubase Elements 7 and have just bought Garritan Instant Orchestra that has ensembles. These ensembles are multiple instruments over several midi channels. The vsti itself lists different midi channels for each instrument but I can only hear the first channel. Can someone please tell me how to set up Cubase/load instruments to play multiple instrument patches.
Thank you

I think this is something you need to do within ‘aria’.

In cubase, go to add midi track, only tell it to add 7 additional midi tracks. The tracks will be automatically assigned to successive MIDI channels 1-8. They must be routed to Aria. To hear any of the individual sounds in aria, click on that track in cubase. The one that’s highlighted is the one you hear.

On an Instrument (or MIDI) Track there are 2 places you can set the midi channel. If you edit a midi part in the Key Editor you can assign midi channels to individual notes as you see fit which allows you to write separate lines for multi-timbrel instruments like Garritan all in the same midi part (e.g. a string section). However you will hear all the different lines playing on the instrument assigned to channel 1 if you don’t set up the Instrument Track correctly.

In the top tab of the Inspector for the Instrument Track there is a drop-down to select a midi channel for the track. By default it is set to channel 1. The value in here overrides the values you have assigned to the actual notes in the MIDI Part. So if this is set to 1 then all the notes will play on channel 1 independent of their note settings. But if you change this setting to “All” then it will play whatever channel each note has assigned to it.