Garritan JABB very strange behaviour


I’ve made a preset using Garritan JABB3, everything works just fine, mutes in brass, instrument changes and so forth. One thing is really crazy. The acoustic bass doesn’t pluck the notes, it slides up and down. Sounds like portamento. It sounds crazy. I’ve tried loading the sound again, switching to another channel. The crazy behaviour remains the same.

Is there anyone thats experienced anything similar?
Any ideas how solve this?


PS I’m on Mac, Dorico 3.5.1 DS

Wrong key switch somewhere?

No I don’t think so. There’s no key switches on the acoustic bass sound. Just the bass. Tomorrow I’ll try and re-install all the sounds and the aria engine. Maybe something is corrupt. Really strange behaviour anyhow.

Portamento is on CC#20 for JABB basses. If you view the automation lane, do you have something going on in there? Does your Expression Map have a Control Change action?

Thanks FredGUnn!

I’ll check your suggestions. Maybe there something happening i the automation lane.