garritan Steinway x64 noise blasts

Iv’e just been working on a track in cubase 6 x64 using the player perspective Garritan steinway and all of a sudden the steinway track emitted a LOUD distorted noise from the right channel, it nearly blew my monitors!!

I’ve tried reinstalling and it’s just done it again,very nasty, it looks a bit the old fashioned denormal issues we used to get with some plug ins.



No one got garritan steinway to test this?

One other thing, this is not happening in Reaper x64.


YES ! Absolutely has done this to me…on several occasions. A full scale BLAST of white noise with both meters pinned.

Great I’m not going mad :smiley:

Have you contacted garritan? it might be worth mentioning as it’s probably some cubase/Garritan VST 2.x issue


This white noise blast has occurred on other plugs as well though.

One time it was a UAD Dreamverb, another time it was a DDMF IIEQ…both of these were 32 bit plugs J-Bridged into Cubase 5.5.2-64bit…these blasts occurred before the Garritan did, so, I thought it has something to do with J-Bridging and Jaoa acknowledged that this has happened.

But, when it also happened with the 64 bit version of the Garritan Steinway, I became totally stumped and gave up on it. Everyone would simply point fingers at everyone one else.

I noticed though that you and I have VERY similar systems. This is good and bad. Could it be the MOBO, the i7, Windows 7 64bit Professional, the RME card…or, a combination that causes an intermittent problem that is impossible to trace ? After all, there is no error message, just skull busting white noise.