Garritan Strings / Aria Player not responding to all midi channels

Using my Garritan Personal Orchestra / Aria Player (latest 64bit engine), I just found that I cannot access more than midi channel 1. I can have multiple instruments loaded on multiple channels but no matter what channel I select on the track I’m working on, it only plays channel 1 on Aria player. I can hear the other midi channels by manually selecting them and playing the onscreen keyboard with my mouse, but not through Nuendo 12. My other multi channel instruments are working fine (Kontakt, HALion 6, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, Groove Agent 5, etc.

Same here but there’s a solution (for now anyway).

Use one of the VST2 variants instead of the VST3.

I personally prefer the Multiple Output variant of ARIA. This allows you to right click near the top right corner of the plugin and get a dropdown to activate more audio outputs. You can then direct each instrument slot in ARIA to the outputs of choice.

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That did it! Perfect, thank you Brian! I think I had been getting rid of all my VST2 versions prior to getting my MacBook Pro M1 and I probably deleted the Aria VST and Aria Multi ones. I was actually surprised to see an new Aria engine update because Garritan hasn’t posted any updates in years.

One day we will have ALL VST 3 versions and we won’t need Rosetta…

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I’ve not used it in a long time, and certianly not in VST3 form, but sforzando might be an option too (might even work with Apple silicon minus Rosetta)?

That’d be Plogue’s base engine minus the Garritan/ARIA branding.

I’m on a Windows PC here, and ran into the problem with ARIA VST3 hosted in Dorico. The channel bouncing options weren’t working. No idea if the culprit is Dorico, or if it’s something about ARIA.

It’s a bit weird in that if I host Bidule VST2 in Dorico, and then run that VST3 version of ARIA inside that, multiple channels work. Still, a drawback to the ARIA VST3 version is that it doesn’t support multiple-audio outputs.

Bidule now has a VST3 version up and running. I’ve yet to do much with it, but have noticed that it only seems to support one set of audio inputs (a problem if one wants to sidechain and such) and a maximum of 4 audio outputs. It’s only 2 releases in though, so hopefully by the time Steinberg depreciates VST2 support it’ll be every bit as robust and feature packed as the VST2 variant has been all these years.

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