GASE 5: How to modify a Kit

I’ve read the Groove Agent SE manual, but I can’t seem to find this.

I want to change some of the “Instruments” in a Kit. E.g. change the HiHats to “Aberdeen”.

I’ve tried dragging the Instrument to the Pad, and the pad changes to some square icons, but the sound doesn’t change.

Aberdeen, BroCountry, Caberet Punk, and Cumberland HiHats all sound identical to me. Am I missing something?

I would have thought that a Kit is just a collection of samples on pads, but it also includes Patterns. I’m not quite sure of the difference between Patterns, Styles, and the things under the MIDI category, which seem to be Patterns, too.


Which Kit? Which Agent?

Without explaining the whole plugin, you can just right-click on a pad and select Load Instrument. This pulls up the browser, and there’s a small search bar underneath the list of filters.

Ah. Good point. I was trying to put a Beat Agent instrument into an Accoustic Agent Kit, but it doesn’t work into a Beat Agent kit either. E.g. Aberdeen Hihat into VinylKit 01.

(It seems all the listed Instruments are part of Beat Agent only.)

I get this when I try to drag an instrument from the list on the right-hand side into a Pad, which suggests that something is happening, but nothing actually changes.

It works if I start from an Empty Kit, but then I have to drag every instrument into place.

These are my options:

I’ve faffed around with GA today, and simply cannot replicate your problem. :frowning_face:
Your menu screenshot is what you have when an Acoustic Agent kit is loaded. Such pad instruments are not replaceable, as you have found.
All I can suggest is to (really) make sure you are using a Beat Agent kit.
These are the context-menus you should be seeing (empty and loaded):

As a last resort, have you tried dragging a sample (any sample!) from the Windows Explorer?

Brilliant. Yes, it does now work for Beat Agent Kits.

(Although I’ll swear I tried them before – as in my example of an Aberdeen Hihat into Vinyl Kit 01 – and it didn’t work.)

Many thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.