gate state


when sending guitar sound through the on-board gate

  • when the state light goes from green to yellow and back to green a couple of times, because the tail of the sound is not quite a tremolo, but has some fluctuation going on (chain of amp/cab/guitar tail etc) ,
    ->the sound gets to the yellow state and then drops by a huge amount in volume, and then when it goes back to the green state (because of minimal fluctuations), it gets a huge sound boost and it sounds like someone is turning a volume switch on and off sometimes even somewhat clicky… … (sound volume hickups as it switches between yellow and green)

Can you please add some sort of smoothing between yellow and green states? (this happens with most “useable” settings - having “hold” at high levels lets too much noise through…

  • I am wondering if other people also experience this… what do you do to remedy it in your setup?

It sounds like you need to adjust the Release Time so the signal fades in a more natural-sounding way. Suggest trying longer release times.

Or use a Expander instead of a Gate, they work like the opposite of a Compressor.
Letting the loud signal untouched and softening the low signals.

That would depend on the type of used expander or compressor.


hey gang=)

-release was at high levels - thats when i also tried to activate the hold knob…

  • the signal is already super loud…:wink: the amp/cab sound needs to be gated at some point after the sound rings out… - smoothly gated… :wink: thx for the expander tip- I know audio tools…:wink:

I guess the thing I am afer is a smoother state switching - a more evened out on board gate…

Was just wondering if anybody else here uses it here with guitars that have a lot of amp/cab noise - and if they have also noticed these volume dips and peaks bertween yellow and green states- and how they deal with it…

  • I guess will try to come up with a better workaround in the mean time…

Thanks for your input=)

Can you post a screen shot or describe the signal path you’ve established for the track? amp/cab noise? How far below the signal does the noise kick in? If the noise can’t get buried in the track, then, I’d suggest recording dry and then adding the hair. Put the same chain on your monitors if it helps performance but record the track clean, then click on the inserts or other processing.

Using Compression, Expansion and Gating, you should be able to get dynamic curve you’re after, so much is all about the basic ASDR of a sound, imho. Let us know. Could string amplitude be the issue? Maybe try using another instrument if possible?

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