GEAR Driver Disabling Windows Memory Integrity

Any way to uninstall this driver, or do we have to remove WaveLab from our machines?

It’s policy to remove any offending software when it conflicts with device security.

Every machine with WaveLab has a Security Notice and has had the security features shut down by the OS due to this.

USe this uninstallaer to remove the Gear driver:

Then use WaveLab 11.1.10, which does not use a Gear driver anymore.

I’m still on Windows 10, but have WL 11.1.10 – does this mean I can uninstall the Gear driver?

Yes, you can uninstall the Gear driver and this won’t affect WaveLab 11.1.10.

Excellent! I’ve done that now, and apart from one crash on the very first use, it seems to be working perfectly now.

Uninstaller works. Drivers seem to persist even if you upgrade WaveLab, so you have to use it regardless. A laptop here had same issue with Avid EuCon drivers which took me about two hours to figure out remove manually.

Actually had to copy pnputil from a windows machine to remove the drivers from the Windows driver store. Otherwise, the files are locked and protected. If you delete in safe mode, they are restored by the system when you boot Windows.

After figuring out the pbputil method, I eventually got it all done. Was up until 3am cleaning them all out.

Not sure why Microsoft doesn’t leave this utility in Windows 11 Home Edition.

WIN 11 flagging the link as security risk LE SIGH, I’ve got it on my laptop somewhere, Presonus Studio 4 AND Steinberg causing memory integrity thinky BUT this is microsoft BS and I’m tired of spending hours amending GOOD software to accomodate a dictatorial OS. I wonder if I can install Win 8.1 Pro on my Acer Nitro 5 32gig ram. I’m OVER Win 11.

Please use the latest WaveLab (11.1.10) that has not this problem because it does not use a driver any longer.

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Thank you a tad belated but the problem was from my presonus studio one 4 professional but the same issue so much gratitude and have a blessed weekend when it arrives Thank you