General Bugs and Technical issues

I anyone else experiencing these bugs / technical issues with Dorico 4?

-PLAY BUTTON disabled (then it gets re-enabled if I change the Sample Rate)

I am just trying the program (I am a Sibelius user) as I love the interface but I am not sure if there is an issue with the soundcard (which is a Steinberg product UR824) and Dorico. I have none of those issues with Sibelius so I am wondering if it is a know bug.

If you are encountering constant crashes, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report, which will create a zip file on your desktop, and attach it here. This should include the crash reports, and we should be able to see something about what’s going on.

As for mute and solo, it looks like you may have a soloed instrument in your ensemble? Try choosing Play > Deactivate All Solo States, and perhaps Deactivate All Mute States for good measure.

Hi Daniel, many thanks.

Here is the Crash Dump file. It seems related to the audio engine, For instance, I have been now trying to reopen Dorico and the project I was working on and is not working.

I experience the same issue when opening the BBCSO Template.

Also the play button is always off.

Dorico 4 AudioEngine 64bit 2022.2.13 16.23.dmp (980.7 KB)

Hopefully @Ulf can take a look at this crash dump tomorrow and will let us know what might be going on.

Hi @Lorenzo_Bassignani ,
the crash dump shows that Kontakt is bringing the audio engine down, so please get in touch with Native Instruments as there is nothing that we, Steinberg can do about it. Do you have more such dump files? Would be interesting to see if it was just a one-of or if it happens frequently.

In regards to BBCSO, depending on how many players your project has, it might quite take a long time to load everything in and until the Play button becomes green. Please try again and wait like 5 minutes. Same result? If so, then again have a look for recent crash dump files and post them or send directly to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks


yes it happens all the time. For instance, now I have opened a project where there are no instances of KONTAKT OPEN and the program crashed again. Also it did not initialize the audio engine (play button disables).

The program just crashed and I tried to generate a report, however it did not add the today’s, there is only the one I have already sent you. Will try again in the meanwhile. Please note this doesn’t happen on my laptop where I use a different sound card (or no soundcard at all) and have less plugins.

Also when DORICO crashes, I have to restart the entire system, as the program gets stuck on “Waiting for connection” - I use CUBASE 11 and the system is perfectly stable and runs smoothly (the machine is an Intel i9 with SSDs and 128Gb of RAM)

I am wondering - is there a way to start DORICO in some sort of safe mode (ie no plugins) so perhaps I can enable them one by one?

Thanks again for the help,


Hi, one thing to note: Dorico and the audio engine are two separate processes, so if one of them dies, the other one might still linger on. When either of them crashes, they produce separate dump files. The one you posted was from the audio engine. There are no dump files from Dorico itself?
If you have so frequent crashes, then I’d expect also very many dump files to be found on your system. Is this not the case? Or is Dorico just hanging, i.e. just not responding?
In Dorico we don’t have such Save modus like in Cubase. But you could hide away plug-ins by temporarily renaming the VST2 and VST3 plug-ins folders under C:/Program Files/Common Files/

But sometimes you can start Dorico or do you never get past the splash screen?