General Midi Mode in Halion 4?

I just bought H4 and there is a Multi Gm
In Halion Se i could use a GM mode… when selected there come up 16 midichannels with programs assigened
My external composer with GM sounds works great with Halion Se.

How about H4 ?.. i can load a GM multi . but my composer cannot play the GM files, when i use H4 standalone and with Internal MIdi (loopbackdriver)

How to use the Multi GM in H4 ?

Hi there,

please activate in the HALion 4 Options/Midi Controller/Receive “Program Changes”.



Hi Marcus,

Well, it works normal again with Halion 4 as aspected , with the external composer! it did before with Halion Sonic SE/Sonic.
Case of the right channel routing in Cubase 6.5.
16 Midi channels , but each of 16 channels must for this composer set on “any”, what uses the external composer as dynamic midi channel assigning ( so there are fixed midi channels )