General notation question: Score structure

I’m asking this here, but please redirect me to a general notation forum if you know of one that is more apprpriate.

I’m working on a lead sheet for a song with a slightly non-standard structure, and I’m looking for the most straightforward and efficient way to notate it.

The song has a standard verse-chorus form, but one of the verses deviates slightly from the form.

Standard form: Verse–3 phrases, Chorus

Song in question:

Verse 1: 3 phrases
Verse 2: 4 phrases
Verse 3: 3 phrases
Verse 4: 3 phrases

The question is how to use repeat structures in the most efficient way so as to not have to notate the whole form over several pages.

I look forward to your insight. If this is not an appropriate question for this forum, I hope you can direct me to the right place to seek answers.

I’ll ask this question over at I didn’t know about that site before.

Is it a fundamental change in the verse or is it more like an add-on? (just an example) 4 bars longer for verse 2? I’ve not seen a development arc quite like that but there is a lot that I’ve never seen. :slight_smile:

What I’m saying is that lead sheet puts me in mind of something where verse 1, bridge, and chorus are notated in truly separately in blocks with a text instruction and the end of the blocks like “like play bridge after second verse only”, and “2x chorus after final verse”.

Actual formal repeats seem like they might cause more harm than good if you don’t care about Dorico playback. A “contemporary notation approach”? :slight_smile:

My $0.02, thinking of a person who might try to manage such a part on a stand with no rehearsal time.