General NotePad

Would be so nice to have a General Notepad for the all projects.

With Reaper you have such thing (see attachment)

, you can call it from the toolbar tab and even set it to show up when you load a project.
Plus, you can add notes for any Midi item! There is a white tab above midi items (which become green when filled), once you click on it you can enter a note, then it also show you the note writen just by goin over the note tab with the mouse cursor.

Reaper user (if any there…) knows that this is really usefull.
For the moment with Cubase I create an empty Midi track which I use the put General project notes in the track NotePad, could be more practical, no?

What you guys think of it??

I think it already is included. In the menu bar, go to Project > Notepad.

Ok, I haven’t seen that, thanks.
However it still could be nice to be able to call it directly from the toolbar in one click.

Please make only one request per thread like the sticky says. You could just edit the original post and its title.