General question about Cubase manuals

:confused: It may be that I am completely wrong, however, as this is a forum to both mention problems, opinions or questions in general about Steinberg’s products, I come to you so that you can enlighten me with your experience. I have never been a full time musician, nor have I studied music, however, I have been producing music since 2015. At first, I had no idea of ​​anything, only the desire to make music, however I have already learned many things about this world . My question is very simple, and please, I hope not to read comments like “look at the steinberg videos”. Why in the Cubase manual, in my case, version 9.5 Pro, I do not see anything that explains concepts of habitual use of the application, but only limited to saying things like "Allows you to activate / deactivate pre-roll and post -roll "? This is just an example, because the manual is full of concepts that the creators of the software assume that all users already know. In 2015 I bought the “Elements” version, which was enough for me at that time, and today I have the “Pro” version, which is more suited to current needs, the point is that in the manuals there is no information that explains what the hell they mean the concepts that the application handles. Why is there no annex included in the manual that explains the technical terms used in the manual? I know many of the concepts used in the user manual, however, why do the steinberg guys assume that only people with experience in “Cubase” buy their software? Excuse my English, but it’s not my native language :confused: ****

hello, im from chile too amigo :slight_smile:
do you have something more specific that you need to know ?
p.s. Projazz has a course of Home Studio using cubase

There have been numerous posts about this over the years. Steinberg should supply 2 types of manuals for Cubase, but it doesn’t. The current Ops Manual is actually pretty decent as a Reference manual that describes how different elements in Cubase function. But they also could use (and don’t have) documentation that gives info on how everything fits together and an overview of how to use it as a whole.

Basically Steinberg relies on third parties to supply a bunch of this missing info along with their own videos. There are tons of YouTube videos on how to use Cubase of varying quality (some with seriously wrong info), so I’d lean towards ones recommended by folks here, but… I’m a big fan of Groove3 video courses which tend to be well structured.

If you prefer reading over watching there are a handful of books on using Cubase out there. Keep in mind that the ‘basics’ of how to use Cubase hasn’t changed much over the versions. So if you are looking for ‘how does this fit together’ info a book about Cubase 7 is probably just as good as something more current (well written, several versions old is better than poorly written, totally new). Same applies to video.

Also feel free to ask “how do I…” or “why would you use…” questions here.