General questions about Wavelab Elements

I do not have the money to get pro unfortunately so I have now downloaded the trial from Steinberg through my Cubase pro10 trial tab. I find the documentation in the manual rather lacking so I would like to ask here:

  1. Can you do spectrum editing in elements like you can in pro? If so, how?

  2. Is there a quicker way to correct errors, like the auto feature that’s in pro? if not, then I guess this makes sense but I was just wondering if I may have overlooked something.

I know from the feature list on Steinberg’s site that certain other things I would use aren’t there. Others say limited but that’s rather ambiguous at times.

Sorry if my questions may seem clueless or obvious but I often like to hear from actual users. Right now, I master in Cubase or in Ozone 8 but I find both of those somewhat lacking. There especially is no way to detect or correct errors in either of those and if possible in elements, no way to do spectrum editing. I really want to take my mastering and editing to a new level but just need a little help unraveling the tools available as I don’t often notice obvious things.

Sorry, no to both your questions.

Thanks for the prompt reply. This unfortunately is very disappointing. I love Steinberg products but the gap between Wavelab pro and Wavelab Elements is too wide. At this point, I really don’t see the need to purchase Elements as I can pretty much do the same things in Ozone 8 which I already have.

There should be, in my humble opinion, something between elements and pro. I don’t need to create DDP files. It would be nice to have more than 5 slots in the master plugin section, maybe 7 or 8 as opposed to pros 12. Even Ozone gives you 6. The error checking is limited in a fair way. Still possible, just a bit more work. Perhaps the spectrum editor can be done in a similar way? No need to add any more audio connection ports.

For now, I am sticking to mastering in Cubase pro 10. I have access to a couple of plugins that are only available in it that I like to use like the Frequency EQ and the soft clipper. If Steinberg had a semi pro version of Wavelab, I’d be all over it.