General questions

Hi all, I have two questions, first, who do I setup my recording tracks (or events) so that then show one underneath each other in stead of on top of eachother when I record? In other words, If I want to snap on a specific region, put cycle on, record and as the recording loops I would like an other visible track to be create automatically under the last one so that I can see all takes.

Second question, I was watching a tutorial where an track was being side chain compressed (ducking effect) and the wave form on the event would show the modifications of the wave form after compression was turned on. We were able to see the exact hit points compressing the wave form as the kick (on a different track) was triggering the compressor. I was trying to replicate that but the wave form graph on the event would stay the same, I was clearly hearing the ducking effect but could not see the wave form of the event taking the same shape as I was able to see in the tutorial Is there a setting for that?

Thanks a bunch

‘Working with lanes’ on page 94 of the 7.5 Operation Manual shows the button to click to show lanes, so that each take occupies its own lane.

You can audition a lane by clicking on the numbered button at its left. You can also use the Comp tool to bring a part to the front by clicking on it, possibly (I haven’t tried, except for full lane parts) being able to pick parts from different lanes.

Show lanes…ok got it thanks