general recording question

This is a general recording question that is not Cubase specific. I picked this board because I use Essential 5. I’m thinking about getting some type of guitar/amp modeling software. I play guitar and have many high end effects pedals and guitars. My question is this: why is it that when I play my guitar through some of my pedals plugged directly into my recording interface it sounds awful?
I prefer to just mic an amp etc. but that’s too loud when kids are sleeping.
Thanks very much.

What type of input?

1/4" - standard guitar cable/input

No, really??? :confused:

There are different kinds. You need to go through an Instrument Preamp or use a direct box if connected to a line level input.

A Direct box output usually goes into a mic preamp not a line level input…

With or without amp sim plugins…?

I guess my question is do I need the software amps and effects if I already have high quality effects pedals to run through. I suppose I’m still missing the amp factor. And, how would I run through the effects into the interface and make it sound good? Right now as mentioned above I’m running into the 1/4" input and it sounds awful. Thanks again.

Generally, yes you do. Guitar amp is an important part of the electric guitar sound.

Unless I missed it, you still haven’t mentioned what your interface is or what type of 1/4" input you are plugging into.

As far as amp modeling software goes, one of the biggest benefits to me is the ability to go back after recording and manipulate a totally clean, direct signal. I’ll usually find a sound that is pretty close to what I’m after to track with then tweak it later. You don’t have to be totally committed to a sound before you record.

I’ve mainly been using AmpliTube. IK has a free version that is unlimited except a stripped down gear list …

Not sure if I’m answering your question still but the interface is a Lexicon Lambda. The input is for unbalanced, low-level, high impedance instruments e.g. eletric guitar.
Please further forgive my ignorance but when I use the amp modeling software will I still need the DI and the pre-amp? Thanks very much for the help.

You don’t need anything else. Just make sure you are plugging into the front instrument input of your Lambda (which it sounds like you are).