General tips for improving C9 performance on old Macs?

Can anybody point me towards tips for improving C9 performance on older hardware?

In my case - for the next few weeks at least - I’m running it on a 2011 Macbook Pro. Still a good machine in many ways but I have to generally run at the highest latency in order to not get stuttering when projects grow beyond the early stages. The Constrain Delay Comp button is often useful too.

Is there anything those of you with older Macs do to help performance, besides, yaknow, getting newer/faster computers?


I have a 2011 imac and the two better operating systems for C 8.5 and C 9 are mavericks and Yosemite. There is still playhead lag but it performs better than on El Capitan or Sierra. Plus I turn off Activate asio Guard which eliminates audio glitching which occurs when switching tracks with the mouse.