generate document names for pdfs

I’m in Print Mode, set to print via adobe to make pdfs. When I click “print” at the bottom right, it makes the pdf, but does not generate a document name. I have to enter it manually. How to automatically generate the document names for parts, with them in score order?

Is there any specific reason you’re not using Dorico’s native PDF creation? If you select the Graphics option at the top right corner of Print Mode and create PDFs from there, document names will match the names of your projects and layouts (optionally with date and time).

Select the Graphics option…that’s where I missed it. Please note, in the “help” section on specifying an export path, it is not clear. Step 1 says, “In the Destination section, next to the Destination folder box, click Choose Folder. “ There is no Folder choice next to the Destination folder box. But now I see that instruction works IF you have chosen “graphics.” I know that may seem intuitive to you, but if step 1 also said, “click the graphics button” I would have figured out the rest. Thank you!