Generate ID3 from clip name ?

I’ve done a search but can’t figure out the answer to this. My clip names are in the format of performer_track. How can I populate the ID3 title & artist fields from the clip names ?

Maybe there is a way but I don’ know of one directly, but here is what I do:

All my clips have the full/proper song title before I bring into WaveLab. I create track markers for each clips using the CD Wizard and the track marker names are automatically populated from the clip names.

Then I use CD-Text which is (easy to enter) to automatically populate info over to ID3 metadata.

CD Text can be easily entered. Call up the CD-Text Editor Box and paste in the album title and performer name. Click the little arrow by the performer name will populate the CD-Text performer for all the tracks, and moving to the first track in the CD-Text Editor Box will let you press one arrow button to populate all the CD track names populated from the marker names.

It looks like a lot in typing but I can do this in less than 5 seconds. Also, the ID3 part is “automatic” with the right metadata preset loaded.

Now the part that is a little tricky to set up but easy once you do it.

When I make a new montage it comes from a montage template. This montage template has a metadata preset already loaded. This metadata preset tells WaveLab to populate the ID3 v1 and v2 fields with info from the CD-Text. It also does things such as populating the track number/track total into the rendered files, and you can even load in the appropriate artwork for each project if you prefer.

Here is that metadata preset if you want to see it:

If you look in the metadata tab of the montage, you can find where WaveLab stores these presets on your computer. If you load this preset, all your CD-Text should translate over to ID3 metadata automatically. The metadata preset also has the right code to embed ISRC codes into WAV files using the not so new anymore EBU standard but of course, the preset also adds ISRC codes to the proper ID3v2 field.

I know this seems like a lot but with the preset automatically loaded on my new montages, I don’t even have to think about it. I just enter the CD-Text as I normally do anyway and WaveLab does the rest. Cheers to PG for making it happen.

So to answer your question, I don’t think WaveLab is smart enough to separate out the artist and track title from the clip name, but if you use CD-Text as the middle man as described, it’s very easy to do. Maybe PG or somebody knows a trick but for now, I think this is the solution.

Thankyou for such a compehensive reply Justin - I’m going to sit down with WL in a couple of hours and go through your instructions.

No problem. It looks like a lot in writing but I can sequence up an album montage, and have all the info populated in less than a minute with minimal text entry and the CD-Text and therefor ID3v1 and v2 fields are also populated.

With the source clips properly named, I only have the paste the artist/performer name and the album title in the CD-Text box. The rest is populated with two clicks and from there it’s automatic.

I don’t know any other app that does it so fast and thoroughly which is a big reason I stay with WaveLab.

Do you possibly understand how much time you have saved me now and for the future with this piece of advice. I didn’t know it existed, even though I have used Wavelab for some 20 years. My clips are always named and I painstakingly re-keyed all the names after bounding each of the clips with track markers…

Thank you, thank you, thank you