Generate MIDI Harmony similar to Generate Harmony Voices


Let’s say you have a melody line with chord symbols in a Chord Track in a project. Is that possible to generate a voice leaning similar to Generate Harmony Voices in Cubase? The generated additional voices can be on the same track ( say different channels STAB), or on different channels.

If not, can anyone offer a workaround?
Any help would be appreciated.


Set the track to Follow Chord Track, set, if you want to follow Chords & Scales, Chords, Scales, or the Root Note only. Set the voicing. Done.

Thank you, Martin,

This doesn’t work for me. Let say I have

  1. E A B C with durations: half-note, quarter-notes, quarter-notes, half-note, respectively.
  2. Above these notes I have chord symbols in chord track: C F G C.
    My goal is to generate with voice leading say three harmonies.

The chord track doesn’t generate new notes unless I use a chord pad. Even with that, I ran into issues! I will post it in a minute!