Generating chord track data from midi

I have seen a youtube video where the user right clicks a midi track and has an option to make a chord track automatically by analyzing the midi. I have Cubase 7 Artist and don’t see any menu appear when I right click a midi track. Is this feature not available in Cubase 7 Artist or am I missing something on how to get this to work?

MIDI part selected and right clicked on?

“Make Chords”, manual, page 552?

Thanks for the feedback guys, I managed to get it to work using the dropdown file menu, I don’t get a right click menu like the person had in the Youtube video, even though the midi is selected and right clicked on, all I get is the toolbar for draw, cut, slit, play etc…

Preferences>Editing>Tools>Pop up toolbox on right-click

Thanks for that Steve, very useful :slight_smile: