Generic ASIO -- why O why?

I just upgraded to Wavelab 11, and I noticed that while installing it included the Generic ASIO driver.

I maintain an old copy of Sonar for old projects, and it was refusing to respond owing to its known issue with this. But after installing WL11, I went into Cubase and found that my audio output setting had gone. I guessed that the same Generic ASIO driver might be the culprit.

Anyway, all solved, but why does this still get installed, without even an option to say yes or no beforehand? Who needs it?


It is the ASIO driver that is the fallback for all systems. Even with bad latency, it’s working, at least.
And if your hardware is not using it, it doesn’t get in the way of any other software.

But it is getting in the way of other software, evidently.

See this here if you are PC:

Thanks. As I said, I fixed it (renaming its folder worked for me). I just have the feeling that maybe no one at Steinberg has asked whether it still needs to be included?

Yes this is needed, for people with devices that have no ASIO driver.