Generic Controller puzzle... could use some help...

Hey guys,
I’m a little stumped at the moment, I must admit, and would appreciate your thoughts:
I have a JL Cooper MCS 3000 (yes, it still works and I love it…) hooked up as a generic controller via MIDI.
It’s been giving me rock hard, sterling service for years, but since the last two days moving the faders has no influence on Nuendo’s mixer anymore. The MCS’s faders will still react and move correctly if I move a software fader on the Nuendo mixer, so the fader motors are definitely intact, and when I move a fader on the MCS, the corresponding MIDI input on my Fireface also registers an incoming MIDI signal. Nuendo however does NOT show an incoming MIDI signal on the MIDI monitor.
So it must be somewhere in Nuendo. I checked the Generic Controller mapping, that’s still correct, and I haven’t changed any other settings before this started to happen!
Any ideas greatly appreciated. Doing audio post without faders, I am just finding out, is a #+@%%§! :frowning:

Hi Heiner,

are you 100% sure that when you open your generic remote settings window, click on “Learn” and move the MCS fader the correct CC# is recognized by Nuendo?
Are you by any chance also using Quick Controls using the same MIDI In? Sometimes they don’t like each other.

Hi 24! :slight_smile:

Nope. It doesn’t. As I said, Nuendo doesn’t react to the MCS faders at all, the MIDI interface however does. Other apps will also react to the MCS faders, I just tried this out. But the CC#'s still tally with the XML of the settings I exported when it still DID work.

Nope. Never used QC in Nuendo. In Cubase, yes, but not in Nuendo. But thanks for your help, and I will check out if I do maybe have QCs mapped that I didn’t know/forgot about…