Generic Device - Doesnt learn new asignments

Hi all! Support question here, since i have already open a ticket in Steinberg a month ago with no answer so… Let’s try with you dear colleages.

I have a problem trying to asign controls from my MIDI device (M-audio CODE 49) to my Cubase 9.5 artist, as a “generic device” i created.

I know the procedure and all the stuff i have to do (i did it with others devices and previous versions of cubase) but this time, for some reason i can not understand, Cubase is not learning what my device is sending, and the device is already sending!! I cam see the midi indicator raising in the transport bar… And MIDI is properly working with all plugings and even with transport controls…

Do anybody have any idea about WTF cubase is nor learning trought this “generic device” as always did??

Thaaanks a lot in advance.


Hi and welcome,

Once you select the MIDI Input, you have to click Apply to accept this Input. Then the MIDI Learn function works. Does it work?