Generic device, MIDI filter and Launchpad Pro - how not to send CC to instruments?

So I got Launchpad Pro (great little MIDi instrument) and there’s one problem. You can’t change its mapping so it kinda gets problematic:

When I set assigments in Generic device for Launchpad, they still get sent to the instrument and due to various CC being used, it changes instrument pan, volume etc…unintentionally.

However, because Launchpad Pro uses a lot of different CC controllers, it’s really cumbersome to set it up in MIDI filter and even harder to keep track what’s going on.

Is there an easy way to tell Cubase not to pass CC used by Generic Device to instruments?


Yes, there is. In the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI > MIDI Port Setup, disable the MIDI port from the In ‘All MIDI Inputs’. Now, if you use the All MIDI Inputs as an input of the MIDI track, this MIDI Port will be ignored. To use it as a MIDI In of a track, you have to select it manually, as “The MIDI Port” in the Input section.

Hey Martin, thanks for the reply.

Yes, that works if you don’t use Launchpad Pro to also send note messages to actually play the instrument.

The feature I’m talking about is built-in for Track Quick Controls. When you assign CC messages to quick controls they won’t get passed to the instrument without doing anything with MIDI Filter in Preferences. Shouldn’t it be the same for Generic Remote devices? Could this be called an oversight/bug or feature request?

My current workaround is to use BOME Midi Translator to set all CCs from Launchpad Pro to a different channel and then ban that channel altogether in MIDI filter. Works great, but I think native solutions are always the best.

It would have to be a feature request.

But you could set up a Global Track Transformer to filter all messages with a status of Control Change (176/0xB0). You would then activate that on each track where you need it.

If you’re using Bome though, why not have it forward anything with status of 0xB0 to to a Bome virtual output, then use that as the Generic Remote input? In the case of Bome as a 3rd party solution I don’t think in-the-box is better. Bome can be almost completely invisible.

Thanks for your answer Steve,

yes, Bome is amazing and I did just a similar thing - even wrote the AHK script that turns off the unopened port warning once Bome auto starts with Windows and Launchpad Pro is turned off:

SetTimer, CloseBomeMIDIWarning, 500
	IfWinExist, Information ahk_class TMessageForm ahk_exe MidiTranslator.exe, OK
		WinClose Information ahk_class TMessageForm ahk_exe MidiTranslator.exe, OK
		SetTimer, CloseBomeMIDIWarning, off