Generic File Browswer Inside Cubase

One repeated frustration I have with the new (since V 8) Cubase is that the graphic management causes the UIs of synths/VSTs to disappear when Cubase loses focus. There are a number of VST devices that have authorization rituals that involve files being dragged and dropped on their UI. So, you un-maximize Cubase, go click on your file to drag, but there’s no drag target left visible once you click outside of Cubase. Sometimes when you position the mouse over Cubase, the missing UI returns, but sometimes it does not.

A generic native file browser could be the solution (although there well may be other solutions even better). An internal file browser might well be useful for other applications.

I hate the way it disappears until you are over it also I prefer generic file browsing. I don’t understand for instance, when I save a preset in Groove Agent SE4, if I go to open presets, none of the presets that I saved are visible. That is counter-intuitive. Then I just want to browse my computer for the preset I just saved, but it will not let me do that! What the hell?

Well, for that matter, the disappearing act doesn’t always work as probably intended. I use a lot of MeldaProduction FX which use a lot of subwindows. The main plug-in window often disappears but the subwindow will stay open - very confusing at times. A global option to simply turn off the auto-hide behavior would actually be welcome.