Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver allows only 48 kHz sample rate

Hello Dorico users, I did something to my Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver. Now it’s not happy at all. I get no sound in Dorico, and I hear everything at 48 kHz sample rate in Cubase.
(I still get perfect sound from my UR 44, but I like to work with the Generic too, both with Cubase and Dorico. I don’t like carrying a UR 44 box with me everywhere I go.)
I have listened in detail to Anthony Hughes great YT post

But it does not solve my problem. He leaves off just at the point where it is still not working for me.
In Dorico, when I go to Edit>Device Setup> Generic Low Latency, then 48 kHz is the only option available, and the Output Ports are blank.

In Cubase, when I try and select a 44.1 kHz Sample Rate, I get the message “Unsupported Sample Rate”

If I go to my WIN machine >Sound>Speakers>Properties>Advanced, and reset the Sample Rate (either to 44.1k or 48k), I get the same result in my Steinberg apps either way. Though, funnily, the Test button there works fine with either setting.
Does anyone have any ideas?
I learned from Anthony’s video that “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” is actually a Steinberg Product. Is it possible for me to reinstall it? (I think I may have reverted to the computer software for my Realtek soundcard.) Is there anything else I can do?
Thanks for any advice.

Did you close all audio apps before going to >Sound>Speakers>Properties>Advanced and setting the default to 44.1kHz?
We can maybe have a remote screen sharing session and try to fiddle around together. Send me a private message via this board and we can sort the details.