Generic Low Latency ASIO driver: two audio inputs workaround?

I have Cubase Elements 10.5 on Windows, still at “hobbyist” stage, admittedly.

Gear includes multiple MIDI keyboards connected through two different MIDI => USB connections, a Blue Yeti USB microphone, and stereo outputs from one of the keyboards connected to the “line in” computer jack. The last is for when I’m interested in recording the actual keyboard sounds, not just using it to drive VST instruments through MIDI.

So the Steinberg Generic Low Latency Driver is not allowing me to have more than one audio input (desired if not clear from above= 1] Blue Yeti by USB and 2] Line-in inputs). I tried ASIO4ALL, but I cannot find any settings that prevent awful crackling/distortion sounds from developing.

I know this is not the first post on this topic, but I still haven’t figured out where to go from here. Is there a “simple” workaround with creating two different input buses? Or has anyone figured out the “perfect” settings for ASIO4ALL? Following the instructions, with crackling I thought I’m supposed to increase the buffer size (risking increasing latency), but this only increases the latency and the crackles continue nonetheless.

Unclear why buying a USB audio interface would help here, as there’s really only ONE stereo audio channel, the rest (MIDI and Blue Yeti) are through USB.

Thank you for any suggestions!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

These are already 2 inputs from two different devices. You either have to glue them to one ASIO driver (ASIO4ALL), or you have to replace both of them by one device (an Audio Device with Stereo In + a Mix In, so at least 3 inputs).