Generic Low Latency ASIO lock to interface

I use this with Dorico as that’s for non critical playback - just basic 2ch monitoring while scoring (the Dorico MIDI data is transferred to a regular DAW for multichannel mastering). Anyhow to reduce congestion on the main RED interface it’s a great solution to put Dorico on this one, which uses the RED as the backend.

However I power down the RED before sleeping the computer, and the generic low latency flips off to another interface. When the RED comes back it up it stays on the interface it’s on.

@Ulf could the owner of this have it recognize that there is a favored interface? Macs and PC’s are good about this, they’ll auto select the interface that’s used most. Or just add a checkbox for “Use this when available” kind of thing.

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Sorry, since this is ASIO and ASIO is a technology developed by Steinberg, this does not integrate with the operating system’s default handling. If we want to do something like that, then we’d need to program into Dorico, which is not trivial. But of course you can raise this as a feature request. There is just no guarantee that we’d do it or when. But certainly worth asking.

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Are you sure this can’t be done? There’s Win32 API’s for getting notification on audio device events that can be registered for, including

The user adds an audio adapter to the system or removes an audio adapter from the system.

It’s still not trivial, because Windows does not know about ASIO compatible audio devices and ASIO is the only thing that Dorico can handle.

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