Generic Low Latency ASIO no longer works

I just tried to load up Cubase. I am on the road with just my laptop (no audio interface, using the built in audio) and the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver is not working. It does not see any of the audio outputs and nothing is selectable. It was working the other day and the last thing I did was the HALion Sonic SE 3.0.15 hotfix, which did include something for the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver. I tried ASIO4ALL and it is working fine. Perhaps the update did something to the Generic ASIO driver? I tried running the hotfix installer again and just having it reinstall the Generic LL ASIO driver and that didn’t help. It also doesn’t work in the HALion Sonic Standalone. I also tried Reaktor and it said the status of GLLASIO is “Stopped”. I tried rebooting. Just wondering if it is working for others.

Never use this so don’t really know that it worked previously but just tried it and with this driver selected my main outs 1/2 are not available…only the last pair of outs in my setup 9/10 on the ADAT connection of my iD22 are showing in the list so impossible to get any sound through my monitors although the driver does otherwise appear connected.

That is what I have. The main outs are not connected or available. Not really a big problem for me because I can just use ASIO4ALL. Did you also install the HSSE 3.0.15 hotfix?

I did install the hotfix.