Generic low latency - never get both audio channels!

Hi Everyone,

I have had no luck searching this one on the forum, but would really appreciate some help.

I have Cubase 12 working fine on my desktop, but I also have it on my laptop but I have never been able to get the sound in stereo here. I know the headphones and the laptop is fine, as youtube or audio files all play fine in stereo - but Cubase programme on my laptop is always just one channel.

I can see on the Cubase mixer both channels are working on the laptop - and the project plays fine on my other computer. If I save it out and open it on my other computer it’s stereo.

However, on my laptop I am using Generic Low Latency, when I click around the OUTPUT box in AUDIO CONNECTIONS I can only ever get Realtek audio to connect to ONE channel - it says Live in R - but if I go to the left channel and click it, it takes it away from the right channel and puts it up in the left, ( though it still comes out of the right speaker.)

I can’t seem to solve it - any ideas?

Again, On my desktop it says M-audio Air 192 - device port Out 1 - and it’s stereo - works great.
On my laptop it says Generic Low Latency Asio Left speakers (Realtek(R) audio
Below it says Missing: Out 2
Again, if I click on the Missing out - it lets me assign Realtek but takes it away from the left channel! - but it still comes out the Right.

I can never get both channels!

Thanks for any help!
yours George

What OS is installed on your laptop ? I would say that there is a problem with the Realtek configuration, outside of Cubase : maybe there is something in the Windows settings (if you use it) or even in the BIOS/UEFI that prevents it from using its full stereo output, as should be, normally.

If you still have a problem, an alternate way to troubleshoot this could be to install ASIO4All…

Hi Cubic 13

Thanks for your help

It’s WIndows 10 - I will look at BIOS- not sure what UEFI is to be honest - but Audition plays fine in stereo on the same machine.

I will also try the ASIO4ALL


yours George

To make long things short, let’s say that an UEFI is, actually, an ‘enhanced’ BIOS (network features, extended UI, etc.), but basically it has the same role…

And yes, keep us informad about ASIO4All, because if the Realtek works without problems with Audition, I suspect that there is a problem, driver related.

Hi Cubic13,

Yes, the Asio4all works fine!

Thanks again, Everything is normal.

Thanks again

yours George

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This was interesting for me. Reason being, I have a new MOTU M6 that has a great (low latency ASIO driver) and a good device driver, along with a great sounding DAC. However, I also have a much older 1640i Mackie with a device driver that was created in 2010 along with it’s Mackie ASIO driver (created at the same time). In fact, I had heard that it might have been the ASIO4All group that created the Mackie ASIO driver but there was no definitive confirmation.

Anyway, over the years I have tried the ASIO4All driver and the latency was typically double of the Mackie ASIO driver so I stopped even looking at it. Today, however, I was reading this post and seeing ASIO4All talked about, I decided to download the new 2.15 version of ASIO4All. At this point I have used it with the Mackie and I can report that the latency times are now better than they are with the older Mackie ASIO driver. What was 11ms for both the IN/OUT at 256/48kHz (22ms roundtrip @ 48kHz) is now 6ms IN/OUT with the ASIO4All, and actually 3ms IN/OUT @ 96kHz.

ASIO4All also has no problem identifying my 16 ins and 16 outs, either. It’s like Christmas.

Last comment, the ASIO4All website is a total crap fest in regards to bait and click links. It’s a shame they can’t skip the ads but I guess it’s their money source. Watch your step.

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Hi Mr Roos,

Thanks for your message, I didn’t get the technical stuff but I get where you heart is.

I had to get rid of the asio4all notification message that comes up every time you play or come back to the project. That is so annoying you wonder why they would do it.

Also, on the annoying front, I had about 6 Waves plug ins that when I bought I had no idea that they would turn into subscription or ‘renting’ items. Waves are certainly fast and loose, if not dishonest.

It is not well sign posted that you are not buying anything from them that you own outright.

yours George

Waves backpedaled on the whole “subscription only” move and it was reversed within days. WUP is still in effect for perpetual licenses just as before and subscription plans live side by side. All is well.

George, yep on the Waves BS, this was a new twist that mimics some of the other plugin makers. I do own a lot of Waves plugins, actually. When they first initiated this new plan, they actually set it up so the owners of the plugins couldn’t access them - but there were so many (obviously) complaints that they changed direction with Waves Central 14.0.9 which offers the previous owners the right to still own and use there purchased products. Gee, thanks Waves! And as far as I know they are doing what iZotope is doing currently, offering the option to purchase or ‘rent’.

iZotope never had the hiccup that Waves had.

Back to ASIO4All, after a day of use I find the channel inputs to C12 from the ASIO4All app scrambled, not in any order and hard to use with any confidence. Not cool. And also I find that my Mackie ASIO driver is actually performing better than it did a few months back, doing 5.33ms, 10.66 roundtrip at 256. So this was a fun moment but I was wrong about the ASIO4All driver as an improvement to the 10+ year old Mackie ASIO driver. :frowning:

That’s all very interesting, you obviously have a lot of experience so it’s good to hear from you, I will look into Waves change of direction in case I’m included.

Best wishes


Thanks, mlindeb - that’s good to know, somehow I read the wrong articles, but am grateful for you putting me straight. So I’ll be saying Waves is ok from now on!

yours George

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