Generic remote: "Activate Next Part" forgets the copied events (Mac)

GIF (problem) - Notice that the "Paste" command becomes unavailable after the "Activate Next Part" command (in Generic Remote) is triggered.


(happens only of the “Activate Next Part” command is triggered by the Generic Remote; if it’s triggered by a keyboard command, there’s no problem)

How to replicate the issue

Go to “Studio/Studio Setup…”, add a generic remote (Add Device/Generic Remote) and make it look like this:

Cubase 11 - Generic Remote (screnshot)

In an empty project:
1 - Create two MIDI tracks
2 - Draw a MIDI part and copy it to the other track
3 - Select both parts and hit return (make sure that the Key editor opens in a separate window)
4 - Draw a note and copy it (“Edit/Copy”)
5 - Trigger the “Untitled” Generic Remote entry (to which you assigned the “Activate Next Part” command).

Result: Open the “Edit” menu and notice that the “Paste” command became unavailable (in unavailable). The other command (“Activate Previous Part”) causes the same issue.

"Acoustic Feedback" also causes the issue (see GIF)


Workaround 1
1 - Assign a keyboard command to “Activate Next Part”.
2 - Program a MIDI message to trigger that keyboard command using Bome MIDI Translator Pro, midiStroke, or MidiPipe.

Workaround 2
Use Cubase 10 (there, the problem doesn’t occur)


Sorry, I can’t reproduce it here. It works as expected for me. It doesn’t matter, if I use a Key Command, or the Generic Remote Device to “Activate Next Track”. In both cases, I can Paste afterwards. The clipboard is not deleted by the command.

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Martin, sorry I wasted your time. It turns out that one of the AppleScripts I have in BMT* was causing the problem. If I would’ve paid more attention, I would’ve seen that Cubase 10 was also affected.

Here’s a part of the badly written script**:

(Script in BMT)
// this works only if the Display Quantize window opens on the main screen

set delayZero to 0.2
set delayOne to 0.3
set delayTwo to 0.4

// Messing with the clipboard here:

// set a variable for the current x position
do shell script "eval $(/usr/libexec/path_helper -s);  cliclick p:. | cut -d ',' -f1 |  tr -d \"\\n\" | pbcopy"
set curX to the clipboard
delay delayOne
// set a variable for the current y position
do shell script "eval $(/usr/libexec/path_helper -s);  cliclick p:. | cut -d ',' -f2 |  tr -d \"\\n\" | pbcopy"
set curY to the clipboard
delay delayOne

set n_r to {"64", "32", "16", "8", "4", "64t", "32t", "16t", "8t", "4t"}
set s to {"Re", "Fu", "Of"}

// if note is pp, then...
if pp = 98 then
	if oo < 101 then
		set sK to item 1 of s
	end if
-- etc...

*Bome MIDI Translator Pro
** I wanted to make the comments more distinguishable, so I used double slashes…

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