Generic Remote - Akai MDP32

I am a fan of using midi controllers as remotes. I bought this weekend an Akai mpd32 for cheap. But it works fine.

I never had any problems to make every controller work as an generic remote controller.

But somehow I just can’t get the PADS to control my keycommands … The knobs are working fine as controllers.

My question: Are there other producers who use the MPD32 PADS as a midi controller for their keycommands? And if so:
can you tell me how you do this?


Why are you trying to control key commands with a midi controller? A midi controller is sending midi, not key commands. And most of the things (all?) that you can control through key commands can also be controlled through midi (and the generic remote setup).

If there is a key command that controls something that is not directly accessible through the generic remote setup you can take a detour via macros. You can configure a macro to trigger a single key command, and you can configure the generic remote to run a macro. That way you can in fact trigger a key command via midi.