Generic Remote and Mackie Control Simultaneously


I have another question related to my experimenting with the X-Touch Compact and Cubase 10. I’m wondering if using this (or any) controller as a Mackie Control device and then switching the unit to Generic Remote (without deselecting the device from Mackie Control) is problematic in Cubase. I ask because that’s what I’m currently trying to do.

I have the X-TC set up and working as a Mackie Control device - and I have also progammed a Generic Remote for it, which is also working exactly as it should. The trouble arises when I switch the X-TC from MC mode to Standard mode. I have discovered that all of the buttons on the X-TC will then send unwanted commands to Cubase, in addition to those programmed in my Generic Remote. So one button will start Cubase recording, others will zoom in and out. The only way I can stop this happening is if I go to the Studio Setup > Mackie Control dialogue in Cubase and deselect the X-TC.

This, obviously, significantly reduces the hands-on functionality of the X-TC. If I could use it in MC mode and then switch seamlessly to Standard mode (Generic Remote), it would be really flexible - but having to open up the Studio Setup dialogue to deselct Mackie Control mode each time is a serious fly in the ointment. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the X-Touch Compact, with Windows 10, with some driver conflict from another piece of hardware or if there’s something I can do in Cubase. It’s a strange one, for sure.

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Even though I’m just shouting into the vacuum here, with my odd problems - I thought I’d post to say how I fixed this one. :slight_smile:

I wondered if Mackie Mode was using midi channel one. So a conflict might be being caused by having the Standard Mode midi messages from the X-TC going to the Generic Remote also on midi channel one. The User Channel was set to midi channel two, so (using the X-Touch Editor app) I set all the buttons on the X-TC to midi channel 3. All of a sudden the odd commands were gone. Perhaps this is not really a problem, but maybe someone else will benefit. I have a habit of coming at these things sideways, and sometimes missing the bleedin’ obvious!

Anyway, all this means you can use the X-Touch Compact in Cubase with MC mode controlling basic mix and pan (with some slightly convoluted access to eq, send and fx plugin parameters) and then at the touch of a button, you can access two discreet layers of custom midi control each with nine faders, sixteen push encoders and thirty nine buttons. Which is nice.

Hi, i just Bought the Compact. But it’s my first experience with an external hardware in Cubase. I have no idea what to do. In Internet didn’t found a decent operation manual, just a quick star guide. I experimented with Mackie and Generic Device in Cubase, but nothing. Two time i’ve been able to use the faders, but they created only volume curves, when i need CC11 curves. Can You help me please? I made a post today about it.
Many Thanks.

Hey, will you be able to run Eucon and MCU units at the same time on a single project on Cubase Pro 11…? very curious. Because I am thinking of gettng a MC MIX.

Funnily enough i was using an MC Mix end of last year, alongside an MCU with Cubase 10.5.

And yes, i had no problems. The MC Mix was generally a little glitchy though… Really not sure i would recommend it, unless you’ve seen an old one for a good price.

Oh, thanks for your reply… yeah… I kind of changed my mind…! I was hyped but many Cubase users said, they prefer MCU… somehow…

It is strange, they say Eucon was developed by Steinberg and Euphonix yet, Cubase is not the best DAW for Eucon…

The integration is way beyond MCU, really. But it’s the reliability i had a problem with - i think the integration with Cubase is really impressive and quite customisable- barring a few little bugs that seem to go unfixed (Which is what most people become disgruntled about).

But as i was looking for a device to replace my MCU, it just wasn’t up to the job. I think if i tried it with one of the expansion units like the MC transport i may have preferred it. But they’re much cheaper in feel than images and videos show online - even that transport unit looks awful vs the buttons and wheel on the MCU’s.

The Avid Control ipad/android app is well worth trying if you’re curious about Eucon though - that will give you an idea of the integration and how stable it is for you.

If you can run that and not lose connection to the app over a period of weeks, you’ll probably have a better experience than i did with the hardware. Connection to the Eucon server software (that needs to run on your machine) seems to be a common compliant with Eucon in general when you search.

Shame, as i love the whole concept. And Cubase is one of the few DAWs that offers support too. The more expensive high end controllers are no doubt very nice.