Generic remote and tracks numbers issue


I have an issue with the generic remote, and a possible explanation to it.
I use the generic remote feature (GR) with TouchOSC on an iPad, and I use some buttons to open the edit windows of some plugins of some tracks in sessions based on a template. (this sentence is too long…).
The issue is that I loose some settings, always the same. If I want to call the reverb of an FX track, I have to re-patch when I use the session for the first time, because the GR looses that setting. But the GR seems to not loose the setting when it’s made to call a plugin windows on the selected track.
So, what I imagine is that th GR call the plugin window according to the track number, not the track name (even if the setting is made with the track name). That’s what I found in the .xml file in the preferences.
Can anyone confirm this ?

Yes, this is an unfortunate limitation of the GR. What I have done to workaround it is use Selected track rather than trying to depend on this.

Thx Steve, I also use the “selected track” workaround and it works great. But the ability to open some plugin on some specific track is so handy :-/

Yes, I agree! But this gray-haired feature will eventually be modernized, one hopes.

I’m optimistic, but I work within its limitations and make my own workarounds. Or should I call them quirkarounds? :speak_no_evil:

If you have other great ideas to get rid of the GR quirks, feel free to share !

Thx Steve.

Based on the advanced analysis of the xml file you posted in your OP, I don’t think I have anything that you don’t already know. Hit me up with a question though, car on ne sait jamais

You recognized my accent ?

I have an idea to achieve the choice of a specific track. I think we could do this we the project logical editor. I’ll try it ASAP. Hold the line !

Ahem, it’s night here, so tomorrow is ASAP.

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Some news : I couldn’t achieve with TouschOSC because I can select a specific channel with the Project Logical Editor (PLE), but there isn’t any instruction to open a plugin editor. So that need a second Midi instruction to do it in the generic remote (the only way to open a plugin editor).
However, there could be a solution. Creating a second generic remote which could receive instructions from Keyboard Maestro. Then a macro from KM could send a shortcut to select the channel, and send the Midi instruction to open the plugin editor.

Une usine à gaz !

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Hum, Do you know Borne Midi Translator Pro ?

I’m using it with Generic Remote to allow the use of an Akai AFX Serato for control room management (because GR is very limited in the way it does communicate with those control interfaces). You can do a lot of things with it. There is a learning curve to write macros for it, but possibilities are endless.

You can send keystroke too from it if i remember well. Perhaps this could be useful in your case (et moins usine à gaz).

Thanks Helidream,

I did the Keyboard Maestro trick yesterday evening, and it works fine. The Midi command to open the reverbs are now routed to a macro in KM, and there is all I need in the macro to open the reverbs.
I discovered that the instruction to select a channel doesn’t work when this channel is in a closed folder. With the KM macro I can first open the folder (PLE), pause 0,1s, select the channel (PLE), pause 0,1s, open the plugin editor (GR), and close the folder (PLE).
Very handy !
The Bome Midi Translator Pro software seems to be very cool, but for my use, KM will do the job as it can send macros with Midi command and keystrokes as well. And I already own and know KM.