Generic Remote: Assign a Macro to a Toggle Button

Hi All,
I’m setting up a Presonus Atom as a generic remote for Cubase. I can associate each button and pad with an action and (mostly) this works well. However, some of the Atom’s buttons act like toggles. That is, 127 is sent with the first push an 0 is sent with the second.

If, when configuring one of Atom’s toggle buttons, I can get at my desired action by setting the second column’s attribute (device) to a particular device (ex Transport), I have access to a toggle flag. Setting up the action with the P(ush button) and T(oggle) flags works perfectly.

But… I want to hook up a macro to one of these toggle buttons. To do this in the generic remote dialog I have to set the second column’s attribute to command and the third column’s attribute (channel/category) to macro. However, I can’t set the toggle flag when the device is set to command. And you apparently need to set the device to command to be able to invoke a macro.

As a result, I have to push the button twice to invoke the macro. So I can sort of get what I want but it’s clunky. Of course the Atom’s individual button behavior can not be changed in this regard. If I’m wrong please let me know.

Does any one know a way around this issue?
Can I invoke a macro without setting the device to command? (I have not found it if there is)

Thanks for your help

AFAIK, the Command as first value, in the second pane of the GR definitions window, is mandatory to be able to use a macro, which is logical, I think.

Beside this, have you tried to use the Toggle flag without the Push one, or any other combinations of these two ? Here, I need to use both, either with the VMK-188+ or the MPD32, to get an actual switch behavior, but still… This also depends about how the hardware controller manage the toggle/switch state of a given control.

EDIT : sorry, I forgot that the Toggle switch is unavailable when Command is set in the first column. So, I’m afraid being out of solutions, in this case… And from what I can see with the Cubase MIDI monitor plug-in, both my controllers act in the same way as your Presonus, concerning the messages transmitted by a button control set as a switch.

Thanks for trying cubic13. Please post if anything else occurs to you.