GENERIC REMOTE: Bypass on selected focus plugin window & AB question

Does anyone know of a way to do this?
Im using MCU and the default page 1 is annoying as its easy when moving quickly to accidentally change the plugin
Im using Bome to reroute stuff (as its by far the easiest way) and want to have a standard action of Vpot Button 2 = Bypass
Alternate to this (and maybe better) would be to simply have the button toggle between A & B, where B could be bypassed?


Assuming you are talking about Audio Insert plugins, to the best of my knowledge, one can’t select the currently topmost window.

You can only select the currently selected track, and then select any available VST parameter for a plugin by its position in the Insert list and position within the VST parameter list.

You can however select the bypass for the entire Insert FX chain of that channel:

Yep…thats where I got to
So its a no go really…when using MCU

Thanks for the reply!


Come to think of it:

It’s been a while since I tried Bome - can it send mouse clicks to x/y coordinates of the topmost window? If yes, that might be a fun trick to try.

Issue is Cubase windows do not expose anything…with other apps you can use window info for a widget and direct commands using Bome/API (which I originally suggested to Florian after using API handles in other stuff I did)…so its not really a solid option.

aaah yes - I had never tried that, but I’m not that surprised - given that Cubase windows management on Windows is doing some funky stuff, which can also lead to other oddities.

ah yep :wink: